NBA 2K17 Recreates Team Photos

Days ago, publisher 2K Sports has released the first screenshots for 2K17 and they are recreations of their actual team photos.

Since NBA 2K17 comes out in September it’ll include this year’s Olympic men’s basketball team and, for those who pre-order the video game, the 1992 Dream Team which appears for the first time since being featured in NBA 2K13.

With this year’s national team for Rio the screenshot differs from an official one taken recently in that all players are wearing the uniform instead of some attempting to avoid showing logos through various means. Also coach Mike Krzyzewski has been added as he was scanned for 2K17 and will be featured on the sidelines and in a new tutorial mode.



All 12 players from the original Dream Team are featured in 2K17 including Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen who were resistant to being included in the past. The main difference between the screenshot and the photo is the absence of head coach Chuck Daly.

1992 dream team


NBA 2K17 will be the second-earliest an NBA licensed game has ever released (Sept. 16). Paul George is on the cover of the standard edition and Kobe Bryant is celebrated with the Legend Edition. The game will have a new feature allowing for league expansion in the Franchise modes. Amazon Prime members can pre-order any version of 2K17 for 20 percent off.

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