NBA 2K17 New Official In-Game Screenshot Revealed

As time goes by, we are inching closer to NBA 2K17. Simultaneously, lots of game particulars have been revealed by 2K official.

Since the NBA 2K17 official revealed in-game screenshot of Paul George, players are waiting for more exact informations about the game. On Tuesday, it’s Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard and George’s teammate on Team USA in the Rio Olympics, Kyrie Irving.

Have a look for this screenshot, per NBA 2K:


A few weeks ago, 2K Sports announced its Team 2K. It appears as though the players featured in the initial screenshots will be from that esteemed group.

Irving’s beard is on point and his skin tone is a better representation of his actual complexion.

As I did yesterday, I’ve taken a screenshot of Irving in a similar pose from NBA 2K16 to compare the differences. Pardon me, but it was harder than times in 1929 to get Irving to do the three taunt on command. This is the best I could do on short notice.

The NBA 2K16 image is a high-definition image taken with PS4′s screen share option.


Like George, Irving’s body has undergone a bit of a transformation for this year’s version. He’s noticeably thicker in the upper body. It’ll be interesting to see how his model looks on the court as it interacts with other point guards.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and be on the lookout for tomorrow’s screenshot reveal.

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