3 New Game Modes Will Be Added in NBA 2K17

According to U4NBA, there are still few new features which has been revealed by 2K Sports since NBA 2K17 release date is revealed. NBA fans wonder whether there will be any new game modes add to NBA 2K17 or not.

There are three new game modes which are most possibly appear in NBA 2K17: Olympic Mode, Kobe Challenge Mode and All-Star Mode, it is just a prediction made by NBA2KBOX.


NBA 2K17 Kobe Challenge Mode

Kobe won’t be on the court next year, but he will live on in the excellent NBA 2K series. The Legend Edition of NBA 2K17 features Kobe on the cover, a position held by none other than Jordan last year. The Legend Edition comes with a wealth of Kobe-related content, both physical and digital, but as of yet there hasn’t been any indication that the game will include a dedicated mode. However, a precedent has already been set in this regard, and a good one at that: in NBA 2K11, a game which again featured Jordan on the cover, 2K included two popular Jordan-themed game modes. whether there will be Kobe Challenge mode in the NBA 2K17? just wait and see.

NBA 2K17 Olympic Mode

This is due to the fact that one of the recent image for the game showcased Paul George in his Olympics uniform. Even if this speculation has been said, 2K Games not yet confirmed anything.
From the latest Frobes reprots, there will be new Olympic-related feature in NBA 2K17, so will a Olympic mode in the upcoming NBA 2K17?
it seem possible because the 2K Sports has confirm that NBA 2K17 will feature 1992 dream team and 2016 Team USA. maybe NBA 2K17 need to add a new game mode to place them.

NBA 2K17 All-Star Mode

2K Sports have plans to return All Star Mode to NBA 2k17. The latest released version of the game; NBA 2k16 lacked the unique event. There is MyCareer mode which some claim is something like the all-star mode but it is not. there will be not technology problems if the NBA 2K17 add All-Star Mode, because All-star mode was last seen in 2k16, fans just expect it to be more amazing and real. However, there are still no reports about this new game mode so far.

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