NBA 2K21 MyCareer: The City

Now that next-gen consoles are here, NBA 2K21 has some new features for players to check out. One of them was the evolution of this into what is known as The City that now takes over the neighborhood as your new home away from home. A design that resembles a modern metropolis, complete with towering skyscrapers, sprawling plazas, and a city center. Let’s talk about the core components of The City and their functions:


It houses four distinct boroughs that are controlled by four rival Affiliations. Walk, skate and cycle around this metropolis as you pick and represent one of four distinct boroughs situated across the city, symbolizing four different affiliations, including the North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Western Wildcats, and the Beasts of the East. Here is what’s in-play as you represent your Affiliation:


1). Player Rep

Playing on your own Affiliation’s courts has its advantages; specifically, you can only achieve your full Player Rep by balling on your home court. Playing on the courts of your rival Affiliations will earn you much less rep per game played. Leveling up and strengthening your MyPLAYER will be very key for what is to come.

2). Rival Day Conquest

The final two weeks of every Mayor term will feature the culmination of a series of events to the crown which Affiliation runs The City. Rival Day Conquest is a key event where all rep-earning restrictions are removed from The City and you are encouraged to invade every other borough with your teammates and take hold of the courts. Keep a close eye on the leaderboard located in each court area; at the end of Rival Day Conquest, the four Affiliations will be ranked by score and seeded for the culmination of the season, the Rival Day Championship.

3). Rival Day Championship

Taking place in the Event Center, this is the final piece of the puzzle in confirming your Affiliation as the true champions of The City. Battle head-to-head with teams from other Affiliations as you engage in this culminating experience. For the Affiliation that comes out on top of this head-to-head championship, the spoils of The City await you. You’ll be able to head to your Affiliations City Hall and pick up your winner’s check (enjoy the free VC!), but the real prize is your Mayor will also be able to deck out your entire borough and make your Affiliation the envy of The City.


These affiliations are each represented by a Mayor and are responsible for custom playlists, affiliation videos, uniform selection as well as court and mural design. The Mayors are changed every six weeks with an election week letting you choose the next Mayor you want in office, allowing you to switch up and customize your neighborhood to your liking, and giving MyCareer a different aspect to get lost in. The Mayor duties include:


1). Affiliation Videos

Mayors will be creating assorted videos during their term that will appear in-game on the jumbotrons in the court areas.

2). Custom Playlists

Mayors can curate custom music playlists that only play within their respective borough/affiliation boundaries.

3). Court Design

There will be events during a Mayor’s reign where if their Affiliation comes out victorious, they will have the responsibility of designing what the courts look like for their borough.

4). Mural Design

Like Court Design above, there will be opportunities for Affiliations to customize the look of their court areas with highly stylized murals to really set the tone for the location when rival players come to visit!

5). Uniform Selection

When it comes time to formally battle the other Affiliations head-to-head, the Mayor will have the unique opportunity to select the uniform that all members will wear as they stream onto the courts of their rivals. Dressing for success will be the order here; Rival Days will be monumental periods of time during the season.

You’ll also be able to visit a wide array of buildings and apparel stores, including locations such as the Pink Diamond Plaza for triple threat games and the newly renovated Gatorade Training Facility to hone your skills as you explore this living and breathing basketball world.

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